WCM World Class Manufacturing

MULTILOG sets its own projects following the dictates of the WCM Academy relying on a highly specialized team of Logistic Engineers and Quality Engineers.

In each activity, WCM processes are followed for Quality, Productivity and Safety.


  • Through the specific audits and training courses, the Quality Training Area shows the main instructions for preserving the quality of the managed components.
  • For Quality and Productivity, training / coaching days are used to achieve the required standards.
  • Billboards showing the best qualitative performances are made. The billboard, displayed in the warehouse, motivates people and stimulates them.
  • A capillary extension of the 5S is carried out in order to keep the work areas perfectly clean, well-organized and structured.
  • Specific KPIs are studied aimed at exposing the countermeasures to be adopted to avoid repetition of errors.


  • Applications are studied in order to avoid loss of space, irregular movements, grouping of details by shape, size and weight
  • Operations are set at the same rate, measurable during the subsequent training days.
  • Weak points are measured, in order to work on them.
  • Standard targets to be reached in the picking speed are set.
  • Standard packaging targets are established.
  • The allocation of details is reviewed every 6 months; a general inventory is carried out once a year.
  • The FIFO’s application is studied
  • The balancing of incoming materials is studied, in order to distribute to the employees a workload that is as levelled as possible over time
  • Repetitiveness of the process is guaranteed even in the presence of rotation or change of operators.


  • The Security Portal is created (with certain, secure, mature operations)
  • The areas of the vehicles’ loading / unloading operations are delimited and protected
  • All walkways for pedestrians are delimited, separated from fork-lifts areas through barriers
  • At each point of the walkways (intersections, stairs, etc.) GAV panels (sight management) are installed with references to safety


Multilog is one of the leading logistics players specialized in the sector thanks to its consolidated experience.

Multilog's industrial services range from finding and transporting raw materials to assembly.

A reliable and performing partner able to organize the various Inbound and Outbound transport flows with special means.

The expansion of the product ranges, the fragmentation of orders, the inhomogeneity of consumer demands, the shops and ecommerce.

The possibility and the ease of arriving in short time in possession of the good purchased online is of commercial importance.

Multilog takes care of food products through storage and delivery of the dry and fresh sector with temperature-controlled cells.

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