Road transport

Full load

Full load transport services represent the core business of MULTILOG.
The lines cover the entire national territory and the main European destinations.
Thanks to an extensive network throughout Europe and an available fleet of over 1000 vehicles, our road transport services are efficient, safe and highly innovative.

The service is characterized by high safety standards: regular fleet maintenance programs and real-time control systems of the means to promptly manage emergencies.

Partial Load

MULTILOG offers a dedicated service from the delivery of partial lots to groupage services throughout Europe.
MULTILOG can guarantee

  • Standard and express daily departures
  • Direct import / export services to all European countries
  • Vehicles owned and / or qualified carriers
  • Semitrailers of various types: huckepacks, mega trailers, tarpaulins, boxes and containers
  • Possibility of all risk insurance coverage of goods in addition to the normal CMR coverage required by law
  • Widespread distribution at shops and retail outlets, department stores and private homes
  • Deliveries on reservation
  • Assistance and products installation services, return / empty recovery with specialized staff
  • Custom clearance
  • ADR materials management
  • Internal customer service and not entrusted to call centres

Track & Trace for shipment tracking

TMS system for tracking and scheduling of shipments.

Mobile APP aimed at locating and monitoring every single event every 15 minutes

  • Localization on Demand
  • Basic location without GPS signal
  • Automatic alarm management and prevention
  • Antipanic function
  • Activation of engine block
  • Request for assistance / coordination with the Police
  • Vehicle Tracking

More than 4000 users

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24/7 technical assistance

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Qualified Operations Centre

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Storage and Distribution

MULTILOG operates nationally and internationally starting from its own logistics platforms distributed throughout the territory to better organize the distribution of the assets entrusted.

Services provided:

  • Order management
  • Stock pallets on multiple levels
  • Stock goods with space reservation in stock
  • Reading bar codes
  • Reading flash reports
  • Periodic inventory on request
  • Packaging and Filming
  • Labelling
  • Repalletizing
  • Goods insurance
  • Unloading / reloading on trucks - containers
  • Pallet fumigation
  • Control of uniformity and integrity of the goods


Multilog is one of the leading logistics players specialized in the sector thanks to its consolidated experience.

Multilog's industrial services range from finding and transporting raw materials to assembly.

A reliable and performing partner able to organize the various Inbound and Outbound transport flows with special means.

The expansion of the product ranges, the fragmentation of orders, the inhomogeneity of consumer demands, the shops and ecommerce.

The possibility and the ease of arriving in short time in possession of the good purchased online is of commercial importance.

Multilog takes care of food products through storage and delivery of the dry and fresh sector with temperature-controlled cells.

Customer Care

Office Op. Nola +(39) 081 5122631
Office Op. Torino + (39) 011 5535104


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