Packaging study and creation

MULTILOG develops customized packaging every day according to the specific needs of its customers, in any material (wood, cardboard, plastic, iron ...), both disposable and re-used, to guarantee maximum protection at the lowest cost.


From die-cut boxes to American cases, from wrap around wine boxes, from lithographed to separators, from beehives to mounted plateaus.

Imballi Industriali:

Customized systems for any packaging. Every kind of goods is preserved by always finding a tailor-made solution that guarantees maximum safety and creates the most suitable packaging solution without material constraints: crates, cages, saddles, non-standard pallets.


Stackable and assembled containers. Reusable packaging are the complete answer to the distribution and storage processes.

Aluminium / Iron:

“Gafer” for the automotive sector and flight cases specific to better protect the most delicate equipment due to the growing demand for air transport.

Corrosion protection

MULTILOG, in collaboration with its partners such as international chemical companies, implements experience in the prevention of metal corrosion damage, using VCI technology that prevents the creation of oxide without requiring protective oils or greases, leaving the metals protected and clean, therefore ready to use.

Protective material study

MULTILOG studies the best applications for its auxiliary materials: from fillings to fillers, from shockproof to anti-vibration, from the protection of corners and edges to protective films, from fixing the load unit to returnable packaging.

Materials are also made in order to protect the goods against moisture and dirt with coatings, polyethylene films and bags, heat-shrink films, two-component liquid polyurethane foams for the complete on-site clamping of components with articulated geometries, modular preformed trays, covers and waterproof packaging specific for maritime shipments.

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