Logistics consulting

MUTILOG team has over twenty years of experience in the logistics and supply chain sector, this is why we are able to provide consultancy services.

We are able to study the level of stocks and their replenishment, factory layouts, palletizing schemes, to evaluate the time and methods of the operational processes to be implemented, to build control dashboards.

MULTILOG invests in systematic and continuous training of its staff, providing the customer with up-to-date skills updated with market requirements.

Furthermore, we redefine all processes and all operational activities that ensure the correct acquisition, handling and management of materials (raw materials, components and finished products) in order to ensure the correct, constant, fast supply to the production, users and final consumers.

Logistic consultancy becomes fundamental to handle the complexity of company operating processes and also to ensure the correct level of customer service; for instance, choosing whether and how to reorganize the warehouse, what level of automation introduce, whether or not to outsource your logistics, and other important issues such as the stock level and how to organize the distribution network.

Obviously MULTILOG is able to offer a personalized approach, shaped on the real needs of the Customer and inspired by concreteness and innovation.

Customized consulting

MULTILOG can develop a tailored collaboration relationship that starts from the definition of improvement and change actions and can go as far as support during implementation, in order to facilitate and verify the achievement of objectives.

MULTILOG proposes itself as a single partner for its customers, promoting innovation and transformation through business modelling skills, with the aim of accompanying companies from the early stages of designing new process models. And it does through an "end-to-end" approach, providing solutions that can be immediately used and integrated, if necessary, with existing systems in the company.


Multilog is one of the leading logistics players specialized in the sector thanks to its consolidated experience.

Multilog's industrial services range from finding and transporting raw materials to assembly.

A reliable and performing partner able to organize the various Inbound and Outbound transport flows with special means.

The expansion of the product ranges, the fragmentation of orders, the inhomogeneity of consumer demands, the shops and ecommerce.

The possibility and the ease of arriving in short time in possession of the good purchased online is of commercial importance.

Multilog takes care of food products through storage and delivery of the dry and fresh sector with temperature-controlled cells.

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